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Sarah is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in spiritual and emotional healing through a very gentle, personalized approach.

online spiritual coach sarah rain new jersey life coach, spiritual healer new jerseySarah has a genuine heart for service to others, and she considers it a privilege to guide you on whatever journey your life is calling you to take. She understands that we are all on a journey for personal growth.

Please know that Sarah’s office is open to you, and she would love for you to reach out and tell her all about your needs and what you hope to gain from your relationship with a life coach. Sarah is currently accepting a limited number of new clients, and if she feels that you are a good fit for one another, she hopes to become a catalyst for you to reach inside and tap into the vibrant, magic energy that already lives inside of you.

Whether you need to find sanctuary and healing from the wounds that are plaguing your life, or you simply need support in reconnecting with your inner strength and heart’s desires, Sarah looks forward to delivering you back to wholeness.


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