new jersey life coach sarah rain elinsonSarah Rain Elinson became a Certified Life Coach in the Fall of 2009.

Prior to beginning her coaching journey, she spent an entire winter reflecting upon this urge to help others. After sincerely weighing her decision and finding certainty in this path, she began a rigorous eleven-month intensive program called Life Coaching for Transformation, which is affiliated with The New York Open Center.

As a child, growing up near the ocean, Sarah knew deep down that she was here to assist people in their processes of healing, and this inner knowing would become clearer later in her life. When she was young, in order to escape the reality of “home life”, Sarah embraced nature, dance, and swimming. Making a move at only six years of age with her mother to Manhattan was a huge life change.

Through intense and often very challenging life experiences, Sarah’s character was fortified and refined. She became more compassionate and developed a gentle approach to helping everyone around her. She is well-equipped to support you as you tackle any life issue or obstacle that you are facing. Sarah’s practices emphasize our ongoing obligation to self-care and the need to release our pasts in order to embrace our present and future.

Her healing philosophy is in alignment with the healing of Gaia; she is forever a student of life. Sarah has longterm projects in mind, and would love to express this through the medium of the internet as these dreams become more of a reality. She is extremely passionate about functional medicine, meditation, acupuncture, crystals, aromatherapy, and organic food and lifestyle.

Sarah would love to hear from you and have the opportunity to explore a potential connection. If you are both well-suited to one another as coach and client, her focus will be on you as a whole person: mind, body, and spirit.